Support is provided on our support site. Typically you will be directed there for a specific purpose. The support team on our support site can usually direct you to the site what will be able to support you in the best way possible.


Each site that we develop or co-develop is supported from the site that we develop. We don't provide direct support. For the best and fastest service please direct your support questions there.
The Software Group
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TSG maintains several sites on the Internet, provides various local services and is in partnership with various companies to provide additional services. Founded in 1995, TSG is headquartered in Moorpark, California

We prove services for End Users, Site Administrators, New Site Developers and advertisers.

End Users()


The software group powers several Internet sites.

If you are looking for support please visit the site

directly and email the support team.

We do not provide support directly to end-users.



Site Administrators()


If you need help with site operations

please contact the support team at:

Customer Service



New Site Developers()


If you have visited one of the sites

that we've developed and wish to create

a similar site, or have another project

in mind please contact the development team

at: Customer Service





Each site handles it's own advertising.

Please contact the site directly for pricing.

If you would like to set up an ad campaign

across sites please contact the ad coordinator

at: Customer Service


Note: if you are looking for support on a government or school site then you're probably not looking for us. You are most likely looking for:


Contact Us

Mailing Address: 144W. Los Angeles Ave. Suite 327, Moorpark, CA 93021
Telephone: (805) 529-1919